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Time Management

August 19, 2013

Introduction: Time management plays an important role not only in organization but also in personal lives. It refers to managing time effectively so that the right time is allocated to the right activity. Time management refers to make the best use of time as time is always.

Time management can lead to :

i)Performance outcomes

ii)Gain a sense of control over your time.

iii)Increase in Productivity,

iv)Identify the goals,

v)Analyze the time utilization.

vi)Identify and control major time wasters.

vii)Achieve and balance between work and external commitments.

vii)Set long-term and short-term goals.

Objectives of Time Management:

i)Review personal effectiveness.

ii)Goal setting and action plans.

iii)prioritization techniques.

iv)Managing work life balance.


Advantages of Time management:

i)Time management makes an individual punctual and disciplined.

ii)Develops responsibility.

iii)Aids in money management.

iv)Motivates and initiates.

v)Reduces anxiety.

Disadvantages of Time management:

i)Consume time in making up plans especially when those plans turns out against.

ii)It will make life too mechanical.

iii)Leads to stress and compulsion of time bound performance which leads to frustration if it is not met.

iv)It may affect your work-life balance, mental imbalance, and strained relations at work place.

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